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There is good evidence to show that mature trees enhance a property’s value.  However, many surveyors’ reports flag existing trees as posing a potential threat to a building.  Where the threat is unfounded, this can delay mortgage applications, cause unnecessary stress and  lead to costly and unnecessary tree removal.


Chaucer Landscape Management’s home buyers’ arboricultural reports quantify the risk of potential tree-related damage to a property arising from either direct damage (physical contact between buildings and tree roots/stem/branches or branch/tree failure) or indirect damage (subsidence or heave).

In many cases an arboricultural report into the likelihood of tree-related damage to a property is recommended following a property survey.  Alternatively, property owners may choose to have an arboricultural report carried out prior to completion for their own peace of mind and to avoid the cost of unnecessary tree works.

This report will provide recommendations for tree management in order to reduce risk while recognising that time is of the essence to resolve such issues when purchasing a property.


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