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Tree Inspection and Hazard Evaluation including high-tech Resistograph and Sonic Tomography decay detection:

Tree owners have a duty of care to ensure reasonable steps are taken to maintain their trees. I provide detailed condition assessments, providing short and long term management advice for individual trees.

Where a potential problem is identified, it can be qualified using a resistograph and/or PiCUS Sonic Tomography test. These high-tech approaches enable many otherwise perfectly sound trees to be retained, saving the owner the cost of felling, while providing peace of mind that the legal duty of care has been satisfied. Alternatively of course it can prove that tree works are necessary to prevent injury, and inform the extent/nature of those prescriptions. 

Chaucer Landscape Management holds Professional Tree Inspector (PTI), Lantra certification. By observing these strict standards I’m able to provide management advice to ensure trees are maintained in optimal condition, with health and safety issues addressed and management advice provided to maximise the longevity of trees.

As a subcontractor for Hertfordshire County Council I have surveyed thousands of highways trees over the years, ensuring the Local Authority meets its stakeholder obligations, as well as optimising the health of the tree stock and safety of the public.

Where outward signs of decay (e.g. bracket fungi) or features such as cracks are visible in the lower stem, high-tech Sonic Tomography and Resistograph testing can be provided to assess the likelihood of failure. The PiCUS system sends soundwaves through the stem of the tree and presents an image showing the impedence levels presented by the wood. Sound waves travels faster through solid wood, so we can produce a tomogram of areas of potential dysfunction. Dark brown colour indicates sound wood whereas blue and white shows decay/hollowing. The maroon and green areas are often signs of incipient (progressing) decay. The following are the results of a tree I tested at a primary school in Essex - this showed a main stem weakness at c2m and tree works were commissioned in this instance to avoid injury to pupils.


To ensure the results were correctly interpreted, I carried out Resistograph micro-drill testing to compliment the PiCUS test (shown as blue lines on the above). The Resistograph readout registers the wood density as a very narrow (3m) drill bit passes through the stem, monitoring the feed force (speed of transit) and the tortional reisitance as the bit turns. Solid wood is shown on the right of graph, but confirmed the Tomograph results after c10cm.


Here are a couple of short videos from Sorbus International Ltd showing  the PiCUS Sonic Tomograph and Resi PD400 in action on a tree - :  PiCUS Sonic Tomograph | Sorbus International Ltd. (


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